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Seeing an old bike from your past is like seeing an old friend from back in day. There is a tight bond, usually stories, sights and sounds that we associate with when we last owned a specific motorcycle. At VJ MOTO we strive to capture these timeless machines and bring them back to the forefront of the vintage scene. To us there is nothing more gratifying than owning and riding a classic vintage motorcycle. It will by far turn more heads and generate more conversations than any flashy twin or modern day plastic coated missile ever will.

VJ MOTO is a small shop located in Lewisville, Texas approximately 20 miles North of the Dallas/Ft Worth metro area. We specialize in Vintage Japanese Motorcycles and parts from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Our mission is to help you find that missing link that completes your restoration or just gets your vintage machine back on the road. We are dedicated to providing affordable service, customization and advice to all aspects of re-building and refurbishing your vintage Honda, Kawasaki,Yamaha or Suzuki.


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